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    Crownlife Refined Technology

    Crownlife Refined Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, which is
    very professional R&D and manufacture in acoustic precision jigs & fixtures ...

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    Pre-Design Meeting

    Crownlife Refined begin with the mold design,Crownlife Refinedwould have a meeting to grasp customer’s requests, analyze the features of the part, find out the problems, then come up with a structural proposal for the mold design.

    Mold Design Stage

    A DMF with the PL lines, Sliders, Lifters, Gating will be given to our customers, after approved , Better Molds would begin with a full 3D mold design. If needed, a Mold-flow report will be given. Meanwhile, the T0 date would be given to customers in accordance.


    Pre-Machining Meeting

    Crownlife Refined cut steel, Crownlife Refined will have a meeting to discuss the machining process emphatically, then to find apreferred solution of moldmaking to make sure machining precision and improve processing efficiency.

    Product progress

    To make sure the mold making process is controlled well, a Mold Management System are used for quantification management. Our people can know and update project information in time. A weekly progress report with some pictures will be sent to our customers to show the update mold making status.

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    Processing Equipment

    Crownlife Refined is ISO 9001 certified.

    Various measuring equipments,like full-automatic CMM, projector, hardness meter, height gauge and calliper,are used to verify if the steel or components meet the tolerance throughout all processes of mold making. All electrodes will be measured before being used, to make sure they are correct dimensionally.

    Iso9001 certificate (English)

    Iso9001 certificate (Chinese)

    Partners and end users